FA Cup: Manchester City crushes Chelsea (4-0) and joins the 16th finals

Rebellious. After a narrow victory at Stamford Bridge in the league on the last day (0-1), Manchester City won again against Chelsea in this third round of the FA Cup with the score of 4 goals to 0. Pep Guardiola and his men demonstrated a real demonstration of mastery, offensively and defensively, to win by a wide margin and slip into the knockout stages of the FA Cup where they could find the Gunners of Arsenal. The crisis continues for Blues eliminated and completely overwhelmed today.

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Complete mastery of Citizens

Manchester City is a scary team. Even by depriving themselves of several executives (Haaland, De Bruyne or Gundogan were on the bench), the Skyblues managed to display an impressive level of play. The Citizens’ pressing completely stifled Chelsea’s play, forcing the Londoners to constantly retreat and allowing them to recover high balls throughout the game.

But it was with the ball that Guardiola’s players hurt their opponents the most. Ball outings, conservation phases, reversal of play…the work admirably done by Manchester City allowed the locals to bring a lot of danger into the opposing camp. And pushed the Chelsea players to the fault. It was on a splendid free kick that Riyad Mahrez opened the scoring in the 23rd minute, before Julian Alvarez (30th) then again Mahrez (85th) drove the point home from a penalty. The 3-0 goal, scored by Phil Foden after an impressive passing streak (38th), is an illustration of City’s technical and tactical superiority today.

The Blues Below

Beyond the score, the game seemed extremely painful for a Chelsea formation clearly fell on stronger than it. If they resisted the opposing pressing in their camp rather well, the lost balls became more and more numerous as they approached 30 meters from Manchester City. Concretely, Graham Potter’s players did not know how to be dangerous: only one of their three shots was on target.

Phil Foden

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Blame it on a cruel lack of collective movements, in attack and defense. Unlike Kepa, goalkeeper Stefan Ortega was attacked very little and was able to raise quietly during the match when his teammates passed by him. And on the few offensive situations of the Blues, the ball carrier each time found himself too alone against Citizens always with several in the laundry. A match to forget and an elimination that hurts, for a London team that will have a lot to do in the league if it hopes to play the Champions League next season.

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