Ivory Coast: The Mayor of Ouragahio Antoni Garou announces the signing of a partnership with the English club Chelsea FC

© Koaci.com – Saturday, January 14, 2023 – 1:17 p.m.

The Mayor of Ouragahio, Antoni Garou (Ph KOACI)

Invited to the first issue of the press gallery organized by the union of journalists and media professionals of the Gôh region earlier this week, the Deputy Mayor of Ouragahio, in the department of Gagnoa, Antoni Garou revealed his biggest dream for the influence of this municipality of more than 26 thousand inhabitants.

Although having carried out several rehabilitations of schools, health centers and roads. Not to mention the medical ambulance, the construction of an ultra-modern college, the gift of driving licenses to young people and markets to women in the communal villages for nearly 4 years of exercise, the first magistrate of the commune of Ouragahio Antoni Garouwants to make this big village, a city of sports reputation.

It is for this purpose that he initiated the Gôh Foot Évents which is a flagship sporting event which has enabled the signing of a partnership between his commune and the Ivorian football coaches of the Diaspora. This partnership consists of training football coaches in the Gôh region, detecting young talents aged 5 to 12 called the U12s and also training for the organization of competitions.

Two editions of this three-year partnership have already taken place in Ouragahio. With this in mind, another partnership has just been signed with the English team of Chelsea F.C. through the former international footballer Obou Paté Gervais who has his son who plays there.

From this partnership, the local ASCO team will now be led in a modern way by Chelsea F.C. who will provide a significant subsidy as soon as some administrative problems are resolved internally.

In addition to this team, the youngsters of Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain are expected next vacation, in Ouragahio as part of the third edition of the Gôh Foot Évents. The opportunity will be opportune for young talents to assert themselves in order to complete their football training in these great clubs of the world.

This, to the delight of the municipality of Ouragahio but especially for the future of Ivorian football.

Besides all this, the mayor Antoni Garou established on the spot, the Sporty Day which consists in interesting the populations in the practice of mass sport.

In particular fitness walking which remains a moment of conviviality and meeting between all social strata. Through these numerous actions carried out here and there, the major ambition of the first magistrate of this commune is to make his large native village a modern city which respects the principles of sustainable development.

This is why in its outlook for the year 2023, it intends to lay the first stone of the city of the diaspora, during the month of March-April, to continue the distribution of ambulances to the most remote health centers and to create jobs for young people.

Donatien Kautcha, Abidjan