loose hair, chic outfits… Haaland plays models in the specialized press

Erling Haaland is on the cover of GQ magazine’s special issue dedicated to sport in the UK. The Norwegian Manchester City striker appears with his hair down in a series of fashion photos. Something to contrast with its usual image.

Lying on a sofa, he stares intently at the camera, his hand resting on his blond hair. Erling Halaand swapped his cleats for a model costume during a GQ shoot in the UK. The men’s magazine has chosen to put the Manchester City striker on the cover of its annual sports issue.

In the front page photo, the 22-year-old striker appears with a light gray jacket costing more than 4,000 euros and a Givenchy sweater worn over a white round-neck t-shirt. The other shots show him in a leather jacket, shirt, sweater or coat. Always with her hair down and looking a little seductive. A way to take care of its image off the field, to perhaps become more “bankable” in the eyes of brands.

Few off-field distractions

In the long paper dedicated to him by GQ, Haaland notably mentions his favorite watches or his role as an ambassador for Breitling. The Norwegian also explains how meditation helps him to surpass himself on the green rectangle: “It’s a very good thing to relax, to try not to think too much. Because stress is not good for anyone “I hate being stressed and I try not to be. The concept of meditation is trying to get rid of those kinds of thoughts. It’s really individual, but for me it worked really well.”

Not really interested in cinema, series, reading or video games, the Scandinavian crack explains that he has very few distractions apart from football. “I really don’t do much, he admits. I wake up in the morning, I have my breakfast and I go to the training center. After that, I have my treatment (recovery, care… ). The day is almost over. I’m going home, relaxing and getting ready for the next training, having dinner and going to sleep.”

‘Win the Champions League with City’

The night is a particularly important time for the Citizens striker, who goes to bed with glasses filtering blue light. To optimize your hours of rest as much as possible: “For me, the most important thing in life is perhaps sleep. Not the fact of getting a lot of sleep, but rather having quality sleep.”

Author of 33 goals in 30 appearances this season (with City and Norway), Haaland cites the attackers who inspired him in his youth: “From Zlatan to van Persie, via Vardy, Agüero and Messi, lists he. There is also Negredo, Edin Dzeko, Balotelli…” From now on, the colossus is writing its own story. With the ambition to take his country to the World Cup. He also dreams of giving the Skyblues their first C1. “I will try to do everything in my power to win trophies here with Manchester City. My goal is to win the Champions League.”

Benzema’s longevity inspires him

Even if he started his career as a cannonball, the former center forward of Dortmund and Salzburg believes he can still improve over the seasons. “Look at Benzema, he’s 35 now and I think he’s even better. So in twelve years I hope to be even better than today,” he concluded.