Premier League, before Liverpool - Chelsea: Jürgen Klopp, whatever the cost?

In more than one club he would have already jumped. An icon of modern football when his Liverpool ravaged Europe and the Premier League at the end of the past decade, Jürgen Klopp is now helpless at the helm of a team that sometimes seems out of ideas in the game, and who even seems frankly outdated when she faces Brighton. Despite all the respect due to him on the banks of the Mersey, the contemporary trend that wants the coach to be the first victim of a drop in diet could have got the better of Jürgen Klopp earlier in the season.

I won’t leave, unless I’m asked to

However, the German is still there. It even evolves in relative calm, contrasting sharply with the turmoil that reigns at Chelsea. “Either we change as coach or a lot of things have to changehe confided this Tuesday at a press conference.As far as I’m concerned, unless someone asks me to, I’m not leaving.” He who would see himself at the head of the German team, as he has repeated several times, has come out with the same refrain since going through a turbulent zone in Liverpool: before the end of his contract in 2026 , he will not leave his post, unless he is forced to do so.

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A posture that seduces

A repeated message that seems to infuse the heads of the leaders of the Reds. As early as September, when Tuchel was dismissed at Chelsea, Klopp welcomed questions about him: “There are different kinds of owners. Ours are pretty quiet, expecting me, not someone else, to fix the situation. That’s how they’ve always seen it. The day it changes, they sure will tell me.”

In an environment where the waltz of coaches is a great classic of the fall, Jürgen Klopp shows a rather unique loyalty to the clubs where he passes, which return it well. As James Martin stated last weekend for LFC News, “for the vast majority of Reds fans, asking about Klopp’s future at Liverpool is nonsense. ” His involvement remains exemplary, his ability to become a lightning rod to protect his group, his honesty at the microphones continue to make him a man cut out for the situation.

Doomed to stay?

This story, especially in a club of very high spheres, however, cannot hold indefinitely. 9th and far from being assured of an almost vital place in Europe next year, facing Real Madrid in February in the Champions League, the Reds are approaching an end to the season which could quickly turn into an end to a cycle, a victorious cycle, of which Jürgen Klopp was the progenitor and whose end would require his departure.

A possible outcome, but that the words of Hans-Joachim Watzke in 2019, former president of Borussia Dortmund in office when Klopp left the club four years earlier, would color uncertainty. “After seven years at Dortmund, we haven’t tried to change his mindsays Watzke. But maybe we should have. Maybe it would have been better to change the whole team, and not the coach. Because I knew it, we would never have such a coach again. When I said goodbye to her, tears came up.” What to sow doubt, when initialing a layoff.

Jürgen Klopp and Hans-Joachim Watzke

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Especially since a rebound, which would include the return to business of the many injured executives (Diaz, Jota, Van Dijk) or not performing enough (Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip) is just as possible, and would surely push back again bid farewell to Anfield from the German. Anyway, Klopp currently seems sufficiently supported by his management and his supporters to get through the winter, and even arrive at the end of the season.

Big disappointments in the league against direct rivals would not consolidate his position, however; facing the equally unstable Chelsea team this weekend, for his thousandth time on the sidelines, a setback would even be of the worst effect for the Liverpool coach.

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