anger begins to rise against Chelsea

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Chelsea’s buying spree probably won’t stop there. After announcing its 6th recruit of the winter with Noni Madueke yesterday for around 35 M€, the English club therefore spent 200 M€ just for this winter transfer window. With this summer, we are at more or less 455 M€ of players bought… And again, Moises Caicedo is still a target of choice for which it will be necessary to align the zeros. It is simply unheard of. However, the Premier League teams had gotten us used to spending lavishly in recent years.

This time, Todd Boehly’s club may have gone a bit far. Until then, not many people dared to say anything. There was indeed Patrick Vieira the other day, saying that this sports policy was going to complicate the task of other English clubs. “It’s not going to make things any easier when the Premier League side go overseas to try and sign a player. When it’s a Premier League team it becomes really difficult because the selling team will think we have the same means. he indicated.

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Klopp: “If the numbers are true, then it’s impressive”

The 98 world champion admitted in passing that the Eagles were not playing in the same court, but this time the criticism came from Liverpool and a certain Jürgen Klopp. On the eve of the clash with Chelsea (this Saturday at 1:30 p.m.), the Reds technician was surprised to see his rival have so many resources. “It’s interesting but I can’t explain it, I have no idea. But if the numbers are true, then that’s impressive.” he started, not without a certain irony.

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“I don’t think Chelsea can do this the same way in the next 10 years. Well, I don’t know, maybe they can. Other teams will have their ups and downs and we just have to be there. I don’t see the investments stopping in the future. It also means that we have to do it” continues the German, regretting in passing that there is no more time given to put something in place. “You build a new team only to deconstruct it every year, when you should be giving players the chance to take the next step.” From now on, this next stage is called the transfer window.

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