Alexis Tibidi, formé à l

When he came to meet the young people of the Brive football school a few weeks ago, Alexis Tibidi’s father left an open door. “Not sure if my son will finish the season at SCR Altach.”

A few days later, things accelerated behind the scenes. And the player trained at ESA Brive could quickly leave Austria. According to the German sports website Kicker the Brive would be in contact with the Troyes club, in Ligue 1.

Alexis Tibidi continues to grow in Austrian D1 at SCR Altach with Miroslav Klose as… coach

Bought by the City football group?

According to our information, the negotiations could even be quickly concluded. In fact, Stuttgart, the club to which Tibidi belongs, who is on loan in Austria and whose contract runs until 2025, and the City Football Group must agree on the amount of the transfer.

The City Football Group is a company created to administer relations between different clubs linked to… Manchester City. And among these clubs, there is Troyes, which has been part of it since September 2020 and which could benefit from the arrival of the player until the end of the season.

Training allowance for ESA Brive

For the Brive, it would be a golden opportunity to return to Ligue 1. ESA Brive, its training club, would also be a winner in the case since it would benefit from training compensation on an estimated transfer, according to the German site, between 2 and 3 million euros.

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After Brive, Alexis Tibidi went to Toulouse where he distinguished himself in the Gambardella Cup before signing his first professional contract with Stuttgart, playing in the German first division and finally being loaned to Austria.

Benjamin Apple